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“Decision-Makers’ Attitudes to Business to Business Magazines”

The objective of the research was to determine the perceptions and attitudes of key decision makers in the business community towards different media. The findings are most encouraging for publishers of B2B magazines and validate research that is already available in the UK and in America. Basically, it verifies that advertising in B2B magazines works.

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The research was commissioned by the magazine publishers’ group – The Periodical Publishers’ Association of Ireland (PPAI) and was conducted by the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business at UCD during the last quarter of 2003. The main findings conclude that B2B publications are pre-eminent in:

Helping respondents to gain information on their sector
Containing advertising which is most relevant and useful
Keeping respondents up to date on new product launches
Providing respondents with the best information on new products and services
Being the most trusted medium for information on the respondents’ business sector

Containing the most effective and relevant advertising Grace Aungier, Chief Executive, PPA Ireland said, “B2B magazines dominate other media in terms of their usefulness to business decision-makers. This research shows B2B magazines to be an essential medium which readers use to keep themselves up to date with what’s going on in their industry. It arms our members with an even stronger case to make to advertisers on the power of B2B magazines as a medium”.