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WriteProper is a 3 hour seminar in written English. It comprises three parts:

a review of the most common errors in print, supported by examples, and how to avoid them some basic grammar, nothing scary, but enough to help you understand the logic of the language style, by which I mean the tricks of the scribbling trade, not dainty or flowery writing.


In essence, it is an exercise in raising consciousness about how best to deploy the English language in its written form – which is, after all, the primary means of communication and persuasion at our disposal. Not only will you learn many useful things, you’ll learn the questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck. That’s where the bit of grammar really helps.

WriteProper is short, practical and to the point. It avoids theory, has no time for Grammar Nazis and focuses only on what will make you write better, more professionally and more lucidly. Express yourself!


WriteProper has been developed by Fergal Tobin, for more than twenty years Publishing Director of Gill & Macmillan, the largest publishing house in Ireland. He has also been President of Publishing Ireland, the national trade association (2002-04) and of the Federation of European Publishers in Brussels (2010-12). He has published over 2,000 books in his career. He knows his stuff.



Venue Boardroom, Montrose, Dublin 4


Fee €149.00

For information on dates please contact