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Print for profit – Digital for growth

Magazines Ireland 31 May 2017

Most publishers still make most of their revenue from their printed products yet need to experiment with digital to find a winning formula for the future. Mobile content consumption has exploded in the last couple of years and up to 90% of all mobile time is spent in apps. It’s vitally important for publishers to deliver their content to where their audience chooses to consume content. This needs to be done affordably and in a way their audience is accustomed to consuming content. The first step to monetising mobile is delivering a strong user experience.


The reason apps haven’t been a huge success to date is because they were done wrong. When the iPad launched (2010) most publishers rushed to launch either a replica edition or an expensive bespoke app. While this happened mobile took off, replicas didn’t work at all on mobile whilst bespoke apps couldn’t make the short-term returns required to cover the investment.

There is now a huge opportunity to deliver engaging apps to all platforms and optimised for mobile from a single layout. Now you can affordably experiment with the mobile publishing opportunity and deliver your content everywhere using your existing print workflow.

We’d be happy to offer all Magazines Ireland members a free demo app (1 per publisher, no cost or obligation), in it you will find editions and continuous feed content to ensure readers form a habit of opening the app regularly. Furthermore, anybody choosing to work with us will receive free on boarding (normally €2k) and the first 2 months licence fee for free (usually €450 per month).
Apps are where people choose to consume content, ePublish can help you get your content there affordably with no additional resources required.

Please get in touch to discuss further.

Contact Details:
Christian Price
Digital Commercial Director
Direct: 020 7939 5913 Mobile: 07810 880537

Rhapsody made a presentation to Magazines Ireland on May 31, 2017.
The full presentation is here

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