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Magazines Ireland together with its colleagues at EMMA and ENPA welcome the mobilisation of newspapers and magazines across Europe in the context of the ongoing EU copyright reform which would grant press publishers an exclusive right.

This week, publishers across Belgium, Poland and Slovakia have published an open letter (see below) calling on European governments to support a publisher’s right as widely adopted by the European Parliament. This text represents a sensible and balanced approach that will promote investment in professional journalism.

As we are in the middle of ongoing discussions between governments and the European Parliament, such action demonstrates the importance of an effective publishers’ right for the future diversity and pluralism of Europe’s press.

The outcome of this reform is vital for the press as it would recognise the need to protect investment in content and would make copyright management fit for the digital world.                        

A publisher’s right as adopted in the European Parliament would secure fair practices in the online exploitation of news content and ensure a healthy, and diverse press to the benefit of European journalists, citizens and European democracy which is why a strong EU legislation is needed.




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Magazines Ireland is the association of Irish magazine publishers in print and digital.

The European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) is the unique and complete representation of Europe’s magazine media, which is today enjoyed by millions of consumers on various platforms. EMMA represents 15,000 publishing houses, publishing 50,000 magazine titles across Europe in print and digital.






An EU copyright reform that could boost professional journalism by making it

possible for press publishers, large and small, to monetize their valuable online

content is currently being discussed by governments and the European Parliament.


If you want a sustainable future for our professional, independent press; if you

want quality, fact-checked content; if you want publishers to be able to invest in

professional journalism; if you are alarmed, as we are, by the prospect of blank

pages; it is now the time to act and support the Publisher’s neighbouring Right

(article 11) as widely adopted on September 12 in the European Parliament’s text.

It is an essential step for the future diversity and pluralism of Europe’s press that

underpins our democracy.


You are currently under pressure by digital monoliths, to water down the right for

press publishers in a way that would effectively legitimise the very predatory

practices it seeks to end. Certain search engines, news aggregators and other

companies whose business models are founded on using press publishers’ valuable

content without permission or remuneration, do not want EU regulators to adopt

an effective Publisher’s Right.


The current reform must address the existing imbalance of bargaining power

between the press and platforms. The digital ecosystem needs to work fairly for

everyone: the content creators, distributors and consumers, not just the few

powerful and dominant internet giants.


Approving the Publisher’s Right as it stands in the European Parliament’s text

would be your opportunity to promote investment in professional journalism and

to secure the future of a free and independent press.

Europe cannot afford to give up its sovereignty by weakening the role of the press

in the democratic debate.