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How to distribute your content where your readers are

FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media 2016/17

Get over it: You don’t need to won the platform where your content appears if you can spread it wider and more profitably elsewhere. With two big caveats…

In exchange for high-quality content from high quality media brands, platforms like Facebook and Google must give publishers rich audience data and significant control of advertising formats and revenues.

Download the full chapter here – fipp-innovation-in-magazine-media-2016-2017-world-report_distribution

With an aggregate of billion of potential readers, with the click of a button, publishers can put their content in front of previously unimagined numbers of readers – and potential new subscribers – and gain a new source of revenue.

Read about how to decide whether to get in bed with Apple, Twitter, or Snapchat and how audiences respond differently to certain types of content on each platform in FIPP’s Innovation in Magazine Media annual report.

The 7th Innovation in Magazine Media 2016-2017 World Report delivers proven strategies and tactics for the hottest, more important areas in publishing today: company culture, mobile, video, data, ad blocking, micropayments, distribution and trend spotting.