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CityPOST – The Low Cost Postal Provider

CityPOST are specialists in delivering special interest publications, and magazines. Whether it’s a
subscription magazine, an industry journal, or corporate press items, we can affect a reduction in
your national and international distribution costs. The price advantage can be used to boost other
activities in your organisation.
Services to the magazine industry include:
 Items poly-wrapped free of charge
 National and international coverage
 Free returns of undeliverable items
 Minimum preparation required

Easy mail preparation
If you require, we can prepare your magazine and periodical mailings at no additional cost, and
distribute at the lowest market rates using our Mail Fulfilment service. Ours is a total fulfilment
service. Once you’ve planned and targeted your mailing, we can prepare it according to postal
service regulations including personalised printing, labelling, folding, sealing, and sorting, and make
mailings ready for delivery.
About CityPOST
Established for over 30 years and licensed by COMREG, CityPOST is the largest independent postal
services company in Ireland, Portugal and Northern Ireland. Our mission is “To be the number one
challenger in the postal market, by providing innovative, high-quality postal solutions and excellent
customer service to both businesses and consumers.”
CityPOST operates its own national network which operates throughout Ireland. We can manage the
mail handling requirements of any business and are equipped to handle every major postal category,
including letters, parcels and publications delivery, as well as international mail handling. Our postal
delivery personnel deliver to approximately 2.5 million letterboxes each week.
Contact us today to discover how we can save you up 20% on your annual postal costs –
Call us on 1890 240 240 or email us at
CityPOST Group Ireland