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ABC Rule Changes August 2017


Reporting Standards: Consumer Magazines (ROI), Business Magazines (ROI)


The following changes have been agreed to the ABC Reporting Standards for ROI Consumer Magazines and ROI Business Magazines as circulated and agreed by Magazines Ireland members on August 4, 2017.


Consumer Magazines


  1. Digital Editions: All You Can Read Sales

A new category for Digital Edition copies where the consumer has paid and viewed a copy as part of a multi-publication offer.


2    Optional analyses

Media owners may opt, with ABC’s agreement, to include additional analyses on their ABC certificate. For example: additional information about a publication’s circulation that demonstrates particular value to a buyer because of the nature of the purchase and/or potential audience.


  1. Controlled Circulation

We may agree to waive the requirement for a mailing list and duplication testing against other individual circulation for copies distributed using an auditable distribution process that is operated by a third party/partner operation.



Business Magazines


  1. Demographic reporting

We have simplified the reporting of demographics on ABC certificates, removing the branding and distinction between Profile Certificates and Standard with Demographic Certificates. Follow the link below for more information or contact us if you’d like to discuss claiming demographics.


  1. Digital Editions: Controlled Non-Requested copies

From the next period you can claim Controlled Non-Requested Digital Edition copies. The same requirements for de-duplicating against print copies, email alerts and removing copies where the email alert bounces apply.



You can view the exact wording of the changes and the latest Reporting Standards on our website