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ABC Ireland Report to end June 2017

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ABC Ireland Report to end June 2017

The ABC Ireland figures were released today 17 August 2017. The figures cover the period to 30 June 2017 and are based on circulation for the magazine in print and, where available, also incorporate circulation data for digital editions.

Commenting on the report Grace Aungier, CEO, Magazines Ireland said, Print magazines have a unique ability to reach, influence and engage consumers. There is a huge appetite for professionally-created and intelligently-curated content under the banner of a trusted magazine brand whether it be consumer magazines or special interest brands”.

ABC REPORT to June 2017

Product Platform Total Period
Accountancy Ireland Print 26,512 Jun end 2017
Business Plus Print 10,498 Dec end 2016
Easy Food Print 17,534 Dec end 2016
Easy Parenting Print 7,130 Dec end 2016
ESCRS Eurotimes Print 43,593 Dec end 2016
Food & Wine Print 7,560 Dec end 2016
Hot Press Print 17,836 Dec end 2016
Hot Press Digital Edition 900 Dec end 2016
House and Home Print 15,631 Dec end 2016
Image Print 22,702 Dec end 2016
Image Interiors & Living Print 17,175 Dec end 2016
Irish Country Magazine Print 24,309 Dec end 2016
Irish Golfer Magazine Print 11,599 Dec end 2016
Irish Tatler Print 21,056 Dec end 2016
Irish Tatler Man Print 5,215 Dec end 2016
Retail News Print 6,580 Dec end 2016
RSVP Print 28,415 Dec end 2016
RTE Guide Print 48,089 Dec end 2016
Shelflife Print 7,922 Dec end 2016
The Irish Garden Print 7,922 June end 2017
U Magazine Print 24,134 Dec end 2016
Woman’s Way Print 20,711 Dec end 2016



17 August2017



About Magazines Ireland                                                                                                      

Magazines Ireland is the association of magazine publishers and  represents 39 Irish publishers who together produce over 185 magazines, both consumer, business and custom titles in print and on digital channels. For further information about Magazines Ireland, contact Grace Aungier, CEO, Magazines Ireland. Tel 01 667 55 79 or or visit