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PPA Ireland Members

Why you should join Magazines Ireland as a Full Member

You will become part of an information network keeping you up-to-date with industry issues you will form part of a core group of magazine publishers which helps shape the future of the magazine publishing industry you will be able to provide a view on industry measurement systems such as JNRS and ABC you can participate in influential groups covering specialist interests. You will be invited to attend many events, including seminars, forums, and briefings at member rates your company will be able to take advantage of the training programme organised by Magazines Ireland.

Additional Benefits of Full Magazines Ireland Membership include:

  • access to a wide range of PPA UK publications including Magazine News (5 issues per year), monthly Executive Summary and weekly emailed Update and Newsletter as well as the Magazines Ireland Newsletter
  • introductions to Magazines Ireland associate members - suppliers committed to providing services to publishers
  • approachable well-informed secretariat dedicated to helping members publish more effectively and profitably

    Click here to download the PDF

What is PPAI Associate Membership?

Associate Member status is available to suppliers to the magazine publishing industry and is designed to: develop and encourage partnerships between member publishing companies and their trading partners give recognition to reliable suppliers enable suppliers to enjoy the same services and benefits as publisher members.

What are the benefits of Associate Membership?

  • Profile - Listing on the magazinesireland.ie website
  • Credibility - The stamp of credibility that the PPAI Associate Membership logo confers.
  • Discounts - All discounts afforded to PPAI publisher members, e.g. training course fees, research and special rates for advertising in Magazine News.
  • Information - Access to PPA(I) information including general and specialist newsletters.
  • Participation - Eligibility for participation in committees and attendance at most PPA(I) member-only functions.
  • Listing - A listing in the Magazines Ireland Members' Handbook and a free Magazine Services listing in Magazine News.
  • Partnership - Recognition as partners in respected group committed to maintaining the highest standards.
  • Network - Linkage with a network of the most influential producers of magazines in UK: in Europe, through a European federation (FAEP) which provides PPA with a Brussels office, and throughout the world through an international federation (FIPP).

Click here to join Magazines Ireland as an Associate Member

Press Cards

About Press Cards
Press Cards identify the cardholder as a journalist. Press Cards give no authority or privileges, they are a means of identification and may give cardholders access to major events beyond that afforded to the general public. Please note that access to many events may also require additional tickets or passes.

Applying for Press Cards
Press Cards for journalists are issued on behalf of Magazines Ireland. All Press Cards have the Magazines Ireland logo in the top right hand corner. Each Press Card contains the sponsoring company’s name, the cardholder’s name and job title, an expiry date, a serial number and a photograph of the cardholder.

Magazines Ireland looks after applications from the Irish magazine and business media industry and associated areas of publishing as one of the services provided to Magazines Ireland publisher members. Magazines Ireland Press Cards will only be issued to staff, freelancers or other suppliers sponsored and approved by a Magazines Ireland member company. Please note that Magazines Ireland Press Cards are for journalists only - sales and PR personnel are not eligible.
To apply for a Magazines Ireland Press Card, you will need to complete a Magazines Ireland Application Form on www.magazinesireland.ie and send it to Magazines Ireland, together with a photograph and a cheque for €100.00 (inclusive of postage and packing). Additional charges apply for overseas applications.

Please call Grace Aungier on 00 353 1 667 55 79 or email grace@magazinesireland.ie

Complaints about the system or refusals to supply a card should be made to Magazines Ireland, and will be discussed at the next meeting of the executive committee.
If you have any further queries, please call Grace Aungier on 00 353 1 667 55 79 or email grace@magazinesireland.ie

Overseas Use
Press Cards are intended for use in Ireland, and technically have no validity overseas. However, in many parts of the world journalists have to carry identification cards and Magazines Ireland Press Cards can be used for this purpose.

Renewals are only administered by Magazines Ireland for individuals currently employed by Magazines Ireland members. Renewal applications must be made by the sponsoring Magazines Ireland member company.
To renew your Magazines Ireland Press Card, you will need to complete a  or and send it to Magazines Ireland, together with a cheque for €100.00 (inclusive of postage and packing).

Use of Press Cards
Magazines Ireland maintains a log of all cards issued, and checks for duplicate applications. On your application form, you will supply a Personal Identification Number (PIN), like a credit card. This, together with the Press Card serial number is held by Magazines Ireland.
Anyone who wants to check your card’s authenticity can call Magazines Ireland and ask them to check the serial number on the card and your PIN with the numbers they hold on their database.

Magazines Ireland Press Cards are valid for up to one year, after which they must be renewed.If you have any queries, please call Grace Aungier on 00 353 1 667 55 79 or email grace@magazinesireland.ie

Click here to download application form




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