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Market Research

Areas where Enterprise Ireland could collaborate with both Magazines Ireland and indeed with the individual members of the Association.
Please bear in mind that Enterprise Ireland can only work with companies employing 10 or more people with revenues of circa €1m who wish to sell in international markets.
1) Client Knowledge Services (Library) - With the help of an Information Specialist, EI can assist with desk research by providing access to market research reports, company databases and similar business intelligence. 
2) Overseas office network - Through our International Office Network, Enterprise Ireland has access to more than 60 countries around the world.  EI can support clients entering the markets for the first time.  See attached flyer which sets out how EI can assist companies in growing international sales.
3) Mentors - Enterprise Ireland Mentors are senior executives with a proven track record of business success who volunteer their experience, advice and support to client companies, with the key objective of accelerating growth and building client capability.  Mentors work individually with companies (EI supports this cost 100% by way of grant).  More details here
4) First Flight Programme - Enterprise Ireland has developed a process to assist clients in a systematic way with export development needs.  A structured self-evaluation process is carried out by companies and an experienced export Mentor, in order to develop an action plan addressing a company's individual needs.  Enterprise Ireland also runs workshops which provide an introduction to the First Flight process and advice on planning a market entry strategy. 
5) Export Selling Programmes - Excel at Selling.  Enterprise Ireland has developed a series of workshops - Excel at Selling aimed at rapidly embedding the proven tools of good international selling practice into the sales teams of Irish companies across all industry sectors.  The workshop series including dates is available here.
6) Going Global Feasibility Study Grant - is a new competitive fund which is focused on locally trading companies that have successfully established businesses in Ireland, and wish to explore opportunities to internationalise their business as a route to growth.  The aims of the fund are to assist applicants to

  • evaluate and assess overseas market opportunities,
  • develop plans to localise their current service/product offer for overseas markets,
  • identify suitable channels to international markets,
  • examine possibilities for web-enabling its service offer for export markets and,
  • undertake overseas market research.

More information on the grant and the application form is available here
7) Business Accelerator Grant – Enterprise Ireland can fund an in-Market Business Accelerator who will come from the front lines of industry worldwide, with the relevant sales and marketing experience to advise and guide Irish companies to accelerate their growth in the market and build scale. See link for more information. There may be scope to ‘share’ a business accelerator in certain geographic markets who could work on behalf on a number of publishers.
Contact at Enterprise Ireland:
Linda Crosbie 
Senior Development Adviser 
International Services Division
Enterprise Ireland
The Plaza
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3
T +353 1 727 2854 | | M +353 87 987  2513
W www.enterprise-ireland.com



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