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Grace Aungier
Chief Executive,
25 Denzille Lane
Dublin 2
353 1 667 55 79

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What is Magazines Ireland?
Magazines Ireland is the trade association of magazine publishers. Its objective is to promote and protect the interests of magazine publishers and in particular its members.

Who does Magazines Ireland represent?
Magazines Ireland represents 35 Irish publishers who together produce over 175 magazines, both consumer and business to business titles. Magazines Ireland has created a strong, united voice for magazines here in Ireland and internationally. This united voice of Irish publishers has helped our members to grow their magazines and businesses through Magazines Ireland initiatives, by providing a forum for publishers to discuss their industry and to help it grow.

What is the value of the Irish magazine market?
Irish Magazine publishers contribute between €150 and €200 million annually to the Irish economy with €50-€75 million in taxation.

How many magazines are bought in Ireland?
40 million magazines are bought in Ireland each year; 10 million of which are Irish.

How many people are employed in the magazine industry?
Over 750 people are directly employed in the sector with a further 3,000 jobs such as freelance journalists, photographers and models, reliant on the sector.

What are some of the issues that Magazines Ireland is involved in?
On the distribution side, Magazines Ireland has worked with newsstand distributors, retailers and Magazines Ireland members in changing the way the newsstand distribution chain works in order to make it more efficient; environmentally sound; to increase sales efficiency and ultimately to make it easier for its members to ensure that our magazines get into the hands of our readers.

Magazines Ireland has a seat on the Press Council of Ireland to represent magazines and has maintained the interests of magazine publishers, both members and non-members, in the important public debate on defamation and privacy. As a member of Magazines Ireland you are automatically a member of the Press Council. Magazines Ireland worked with other industry bodies in Ireland to establish a self-regulatory body to deal with waste management.

The Code of Practice for the Press Industry (COPPI) and The Environmental Standards for the Press Industry (ESPI) are significant documents, which commit the Irish newspaper and magazine industry to a series of challenging environment pledges. The documents were agreed by all the major stakeholders in the publishing industry who joined forces for the first time as the Joint Industry Committee (JIC), in pursuit of a common goal. They are designed to ensure that publishers, wholesalers and retailers conduct their business in a more efficient and environmental friendly manner which is based on self-regulation.

As well as providing training courses and seminars for members Magazines Ireland has also established a number of Professional Discussion Groups for Publishers; Editors; Designers; Advertising Managers and Credit Managers.

Magazines Ireland has brought forward a number of initiatives to the ABC and continues to have a strong voice on the ABC Irish Council.

Magazines Ireland is a member of the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI); the European Federation of Magazine Publishers (FAEP); the International Federation of Periodical Publishers (FIPP) and is affiliated to PPA UK.

Magazines Ireland commissions regular research behalf of its members - an annual advertising revenue survey as well as readership research.

Another important event is the annual Irish Magazine Awards. The awards are an important step in showcasing the best Irish talent in magazine publishing and in raising the profile of this key sector in Ireland. The Irish Magazine Awards take place in December at The Four Seasons Hotel.
Who are the people behind Magazines Ireland
Grace Aungier – Chief Executive
Duan Stokes – Hot Press – Chairman
John Mullins – Zahra Publishing - Deputy Chairman
Philip McGaley – Dyflin Publications – Honorary Treasurer
Richard Power – Image
Rosemary Delaney – WMB
Diarmaid Lennon – Ashville Media
Philippa Gee – RTE Publishing
Frank Quinn – Mediateam
John Whelan – Danstone
Rebecca Markey – IFP Media
Michael Diviney – Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
Colin Kerr – EuroTimes Victoria Bradshaw - Harmonia




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